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Наши питомцы- кошки породы канадский сфинкс

 According to article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation these conditions of receiving an animal from cattery"Sphynxograd"are the public offer and im case of acceptens stated below conditions the nutural person- the Owner,making the acceptance of this offer,carries out payment of Goods of the Seller according to conditions of the present Contract. According topoint 3 of article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation,Goods  payment by the Buyer is the offer acceptence that is considered equivalent to the conclusion of the Contract on the conditions in: 



1) the Kitten is considered reserved only after entering the deposit of 30% of the total cost.The deposit DOES NOT COME back!!! Also it is considered indemnification for the maintenance of a kitten and the lost opportunities on its sale. 

2) At will and due to the Owner before sending a kitten in the house of Owner Breeder can invite experts from laboratory to the house for delivery of analyses to a kitten on all infections interesting the Owner. If the Owner has not taken advantage of this right claims on health of a kitten in the further are not considered. 

3) The breeder doesn't bear responsibility for loss of quality of an animal on a mistake of the Owner or in unforeseen situations (accident, a consequence of the transferred heavy disease, the inappropriate maintenance, a feed, etc.). The estimation of quality is made at the moment of transfer of an animal. 

4) We prefer, that for a kitten came personally, therefore Breeder does not bear the responsibility for quality cargo shipment or delivery with the courier of animals and the consequences connected with transportation. The responsibility comes to an end at the moment of transfer of an animal in cargo or to the courier. 

5) the Owner undertakes to contain an animal in quarantine within 14 days. 

6)The owner undertakes to maintain an animal in good conditions, ensure adequate nutrition and care. The owner agrees not to subject animal produced in cattery "Sphynxograd" to manipulations or operations that are harmful to the physical or mental health of the animal (declawing, removal of the vocal cords, making tattoo, body piercing, etc.)

7) the Owner undertakes at occurrence of any problems with an animal which subsequently could lead to a disputable situation between the parties, first of all informs Breeder. 

8) the Animal will carry a name cattery «Sphynxograd» during a life that should be reflected in any documents and registration. At use of a photo of an animal as any advertising the full nickname of an animal necessarily is underlined. The owner undertakes to place a photo of an animal with the instruction of its full nickname with prefix Sphynxograd on the site. 

9) In case of visiting displays with an animal from cattery "Sphynxograd" the Owner undertakes to inform Breeder on results on cats show. 

10) the Animal is transferred the Owner for breeding work inside of the closed type private cattery only for personal use. In case of reception breeding male, is not admissible to open male for public use and to give male for others females from another's catteryes. The owner undertakes to use male, received of cattery "Sphynxograd" only for females which belong to the Owner. 

11) the Owner undertakes to not sell kittens from an animal received in cattery "Sphynxograd" to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus for breeding work. Sale of eunuches (operation on castration/sterilization the Owner before transfer of a kitten to the new buyer spends), as house favourites, in any region without restrictions is possible. 

12) The rights for breeding can't be transferred!!! The animal with the rights of breeding use cannot be sold or presented to the third party with the same rights at all. Upon termination of breeding work the animal received from cattery "Sphynxograd" should be castrated/is sterilized. The Buyer provides a photo of castration or sterilization for Breeder.




                                                              Sincerely, Kukharchuk Margaret!